Looking to make a difference? Volunteer!

Looking to make a difference? Volunteer!

DO SOME GOOD can help!

I have a Financial group that I meet with and recently we were talking about how we, as a group, could build in a volunteer component to our meetings/ mission statement, but none of us knew where to start!  

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Then I came across a post on INSTAGRAM from an organization called Do Some Good. Their goal is to connect groups that need support with people who are looking for ways to get involved in volunteering. They also assist businesses with setting up volunteer service programs to help them recruit and retain employees who value the act of giving back to their local community (as explained in this Youtube Promo video).  

If you're looking for somewhere to volunteer, anywhere in Canada, Do Some Good may be able to help. I'm looking forward to connecting with them so that we can get started soon. We're already working together to change our lives, and we can't wait to begin to make a difference in our local community too! 

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