Valentines Day….

Valentines Day….


Valentines Day is upon us once again, and every year I reflect on this "Hallmark" holiday. My partner and I have been together for a very long time (officially, and unofficially). If I think back to the early days we may have “bought into the whole thing” but I know that for many years we've resisted it.   
You know, when you’ve been together for a very long time it can be hard to pick up a card oozing with sentiments that you’re just not feeling. And, of course, you look long and hard for a card that you might want to give but there really isn’t anything that your heart is feeling at that actual time… And you reflect on that moment, and wish that you were able to connect with a card (any card), because you remember back to a time when that is exactly how you felt.

But alas, you’re hard pressed to “commit” right now. Life is complicated and just because it’s February 14th doesn’t magically make it all wonderful. Love is deeper than that, and yes, we can go through the motions, and maybe that’s what we should do, but honestly there have been years when I’ve wondered why we’re still together (as I’m sure he has too). Decades have gone by and here we are, and although we say we don’t “buy into Valentines Day” we somehow come up with a special mid-week plan for dinner and, even more unexpected, sometimes there’s a bouquet of flowers waiting at the door.   


Love is complicated, but it’s good.



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