Soapbox soliloquy: Can you believe the price of gas?!

Soapbox soliloquy: Can you believe the price of gas?!

Fuel Restrictions


So, no one can say that 2021 didn't end with a bang! The fuel restrictions that the Lower Mainland experienced in November and December only added to the angst of the flood-ravaged province of BC.


Although there were initial concerns about the impositions these might cause, I think we can agree that it all worked out quite well. The only time I saw a rush on gas stations was just after the news broke. After that people seem to rise to the occasion and fill up with their30 litre allotment as they needed it. Over those several weeks, I only saw ONE station that was closed because it had run out of gas.


It seems that due to our joint efforts we managed to keep a fuel shortage at bay, and the shipments coming into Southern BC were able to maintain a sufficient supply. Initially there were complaints about imposing a fuel restriction but I bet that if it hadn’t been put in place, and we had run out of fuel, people would have criticized the government for waiting too long.


I think we would all do well to stop for a moment and realize that the responses to recent events, like the Global pandemic, last summer’s record forest fires, and recent massive flooding, are all being navigated for the first time. It’s easy to look back and talk about how things should have been handled but who knew??


If you and I keep working together, for the common good, the world will be a better place for it!


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